Ellegro Equine Limb MRI

Ellegro Equine Limb MRI

ELLEGRO is the ideal introduction of MRI for your equine practice.

This Limb Veterinary MRI system is the most cost effective solution available delivering superb image quality and is easy to site.

The Ellegro Limb MRI in use on a horses forelimb

Here are just a few of the reasons why the ELLEGRO Equine Limb MRI could work for you...

  • Requires No RF Shielding
  • Operates on 110V.
  • Immediate high quality full field-of-view imaging expedites diagnosis and treatment
  • Compact design that can be easily installed into virtually any practice without RF shielding
  • Pre-programmed protocols that simplify and speed up examination procedure
  • Full connectivity and user friendly interface
  • The field of view gives you the ability to scan an entire joint in one acquisition

The Ellegro Limb MRI

The Ellegro Limb MRI in use on a horses hindlimb

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