O•Scan Compact Equine MRI

O•Scan Equine LImb MRI

The O•Scan Equine retains Esaote’s tradition for outstanding image quality, imaging simplicity and user friendliness.

The system features a very compact magnet and covers the equine foot, pastern, fetlock, high suspensory, carpus and tarsus imaging areas

O•Scan Equine Limb MRI

"The O-Scan Equine MRI system is an excellent and cost-effective choice for routine distal equine limb examinations where I do not need to struggle toconfidently diagnose the significant injuries.” ~ Alexia McKnight, DVM, DACVR

System features:

  • Maintenance-free open
    permanent magnet
  • No RF Shielding cage needed
  • Very compact, installation space
    of 90 sq. ft. required
  • Low Power Consumption: only 1 Kw
    in normal 220/110V power outlet
  • Complete set of dedicated
    optimized DPA coils
  • Full set of pre-defined
    sequences and protocols
  • User defined sequences and
    customized examination protocols
  • Multi planar scout
  • Windows based user interface
O•Scan Equine Limb MRI with horse
O•Scan Compact Equine Limb MRI

impressive image quality
and cost effective performance
with low break-even

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